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Il sensore che permette di acquisire un'immagine presente nelle fotocamere digitali. (, Il vero pervertito è chi ha un'immaginazione perversa. It contains a red liquid that Okabe will later use to fool his past self into thinking it is the blood of Makise Kurisu. APK Mod STEINS;GATE v1.11. The western meme equivalent would be to refer to an internet hacker as 'hax0r', which can be further leetspeaked. "Future Gadget #1 Bit Particle Cannon" is one of the gadgets that Okabe and Daru made; it is nothing more than a laser gun-shaped TV remote control. Offline . Fino a questa primavera, Okarin, mi sembravi così malinconico. Per approfondire vedi la. card classic compact. Posted 7/28/18 , edited 7/28/18 . (, Dieci anni fa, per il giorno del mio ottavo compleanno, mio padre mi promise che saremo andati a divertirci insieme da qualche parte. Also known as Pandora's Box. Followers 0. Merchandise of the fictional anime series Rai-net Kakeru. Something that Mayuri does sometimes, she looks to the sky and places her hand towards the sun. Search This Blog Pages HOME; More… Steins Gate Im Mad Scientist July 08, 2017 Manga Review Steins Gate Volume 1 2 Oprainfall. In previous episodes, it has been revealed by Kurisu that they have a horrible relationship due to her superior intelligence and his jealousy for her. It is a shortcut of Mayuri's suggestion "DeLorean Mail" and it eventually becomes the "official" term the Future Gadget Lab would use to pertain to the messages. See http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%81%AC%E3%82%8B%E3%81%BD. In this episode, the meeting is about a Time Machine which held by a Sci-Fi BBS group which Daru was in. Ho ricordato chi fossi e da dove venissi solo un anno fa. (, Ho fallito, ho fallito, ho fallito, ho fallito, ho fallito, ho fallito, ho fallito, ho fallito, io ho fallito, fallito, fallito, fallito, fallito. — Infinito.Ha la sua potenza, si consuma e svanisce, ma anche nella stella c'è un inizio. He was originally moved to the Alpha line through his D-Mails. She is the girlfriend of Kakeru, the protagonist of a fictional anime series called Rai-Net Dash (Rai-Net Kakeru). The invisible power that governs the events of world lines with a divergence number within 1% of universal historical changes. … which turned out to be a pleasant experience. One day in 2005, Mayuri reached up towards the sky to a beam of light, and Okabe ran to hold her as he announced that he wouldn't let her go anywhere because she is his hostage—he was afraid she would be taken into the heavens and she would not be with him. 36 41 Répondre à draugay. — Okabe Rintarou, Steins;Gate See more ideas about Kurisu makise, Steins, Steins gate 0. Upa is considered canon. Post Reply. Okabe needed the divergence meter to read a value greater than 1% because it would mean that he is back in the Beta world line. I ricordi che abbiamo condiviso. Daru converted the message to numbers and sent it to Luka's mother using the "Phone Microwave (Name Subject to Change". Date un'occhiata al cielo di notte. This is a reference to Wesley Crusher from Star Trek TNG; furthermore Okabe's comments afterwords when he calls Kurisu 'Madame Next Gen' and says 'Going too boldly, I am?' Mayuri has a part-time position at a maid cafe as a catgirl maid, where they all say "nyan~" at the end of their sentences. I am mad scientist. She works in the same maid cafe as Mayuri and is a friend of Daru and Okarin. (, Lo Steins;Gate è una linea di universo che nessuno conosce [...] ma se la tua teoria dovesse essere esatta, zietto, la relazione brucerà, la corsa allo sviluppo della macchina del tempo non si verificherà e quindi non scoppierà la terza guerra mondiale. Rising. Locale is set to Japanese, I am using the abomination entitled "Microsoft Windows 8.1"(my PC came with W8, sadly). The writers of this show have a tendency to develop highly complex story-lines, and then only hint to them in the actual main story. "For now, we should calm down. Mode: easy Everybody should get this-Naruto Sta benissimo con gli abiti da miko, Non sarà risparmiando sugli esperimenti che riusciremo a cambiare la struttura di controllo del mondo. It was the buzz term used by the media. A term meaning that members of a group will equally discuss a subject as peers to solve a problem or examine as situation - their table is rectangle, so it's funny. Tre o quattro giorni senza toccare cibo, io restavo lì disteso, immobile, e loro arrivavano... i topi mi rosicchiavano perché credevano che fossi un cadavere. Questi dieci anni sono stati un sogno, trascorrendoli con lui ho potuto capire quanto mi amasse davvero mio padre. The pocket watch Mayuri kept everytime. Nel mio cuore, mi rivolgo alla ragazza che morì dieci anni fa. The operation involves Okabe seeing Makise Kurisu lying in a pool of blood, destroying the document about time machines (which Kurisu wrote), and prevent World War III, Okarin has to trick himself in thinking that Kurisu is actually dead, and he has to trick the World itself in order to save her. ED4: 「Another Heaven」 by いとうかなこ (Itou Kanako). He was originally moved to the A. The ability of Okabe to retain all of his previous memories after a change in worldline divergence. [...] Io sono lo scienziato pazzo Kyōma Hōōin, e questo mondo, questo mondo ora è nelle mie mani! He teases her with this name because it is slightly awkward - it is a continent-neutral name of American and Japanese origin. [...] Vedi, Mayushii non ha fatto che cercare Okarin senza sosta, rincorrendolo attraverso tante, tante, tante linee di universo. "Y, Yeah. This is the shrine that Luka helps manage. Short for comic market. She treats Mayuri as her older sister, and when the two meet, they often say "Tutturu" at the same time. Steins Gate Quotes No one knows what the future holds. I just know how spell bounding the anime was. The circuit consists of 29 stations around the city, among them the Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro stations. È acceso! L'ho fatto. Steins;gate is a sci-fi, maybe even on the noir side, epic, that will have you crying, laughing, cringing (in a good way), and laughing again. Nov 4, 2014 - Explore Cirsee's board "Steins;Gate" on Pinterest. A proposito, sono io che l'ho chiamata Steins;Gate. Posted 7/28/11 , edited 7/29/11 . Kurisu points out that she is eighteen, not seventeen... Mass media outlets like magazines, TV programs, and so on called sweet treat like cakes "sweets" in a special topic of gourmet for women in 2007 in Japan. It stands for Ferdinand Braun, the inventor of Braun Tubes. Jan 3, 2014 - Explore Ami Ammorette's board "steins;gate", followed by 621 people on Pinterest. As they perform different experiments, an organization named SERN who has been doing their own research on time travel tracks them down and now the characters have to find a way to avoid being … Steins;Gate Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. By cu_rry, June 21, 2016 in Free Android Modded APKs. In other words, your time is stretched eternally and you can't escape from the point. Se tu fossi in grado di tornare a quel giorno, vorrei che questa volta non mi trattenessi. They are organized, but independent. You could count on … It has the ability to travel both forward and backward through time. Io facevo parte della resistenza che lottava per affrancare l'umanità dall'oppressione del SERN. Mayuri and Daru refer to him by the nickname Okarin. Ci rivediamo tra sette anni. For example, a Romance Flag is where you triggered a Romantic act / thing that leads you to a Romantic event. Posted by 3 days ago. Sembro in piena crisi adolescenziale. Coloro che possiedono il dono dell'intelligenza sono in verità i più sciocchi: è piuttosto evidente, basta osservare la storia. By cu_rry, June 21, … Luka accidentally sets it off and it covers the entire Future Gadget lab in a heavy fog. Ma sì, è ovvio: questa deve essere la scelta di Steins;Gate! Per approfondire vedi la, Termine usato per indicare relazioni omosessuali tra donne o ragazze. Skip to main content Awesome Steins Gate Wallpaper Search. Steins Gate 0 01 Random Curiosity. That sounds wonderful, don't you think? Edición en castellano. お可愛いこと、私はあなたが立ち直るまで付き添う、そう決めたんです。、が繋いだボールをアンタが勝手に諦めんなよ!!!、女子の言ういい人とは100%どうでもいい人のことである、やればできるかもしれない、でもやらないと絶対にできない。 Se, per esempio, io tornassi nel passato e uccidessi un individuo denominato "A", in quell'istante verrebbe alterato un valore numerico chiamato "divergenza" e la, Com'è che mi sono fatta incastrare da questo tizio? If you are posting a quote from a recent episode then please use spoiler tags. [53] Senji Ishii of Famitsu Xbox 360 praised the scenario for its detail and noted that events that were overlooked as insignificant later returned to affect events of the future. Steins Gate 0 English 2016 Release In Europe North America. Dopotutto, io sono un insano scienziato pazzo ricercato da un capo all'altro del mondo. Permalink Reply Quote. Frase presente sul secondo cofanetto dei DVD dell'edizione italiana. A thread for your favorite quotes from Steins;Gate. Oopa is an alternative spelling for Upa. Her mention of training at the Guiana Highlands is a reference to G-Gundam episode E18. Unfortunately this gadget has a problem with a spinning CCD camera. Non perdonerò lei, e nemmeno te, Okabe Rintarō. Puoi contare su una mano le persone che a questo mondo sono consapevoli della sua vera natura. Vivrai in un mondo che non ha memoria di me, e tu sarai l'unico a ricordarmi; tu, che hai a cuore l'amicizia più di qualunque altra cosa, ne soffrirai molto. Synopsis The story of Steins;Gate takes place in Akihabara and is about a group of friends who have managed to customize their microwave into a device that can send text messages to the past. Da Wikiquote, aforismi e citazioni in libertà. It is one where Makise Kurisu dies and WWIII eventually starts, a worldline that was original thought to have a peaceful future. One of Tokyo's most important rapid transit circuits. In the anime adaptation, he is only heard and does not appear directly. Steins;Gate. (, Le folle ad Akiba si diradano rapidamente con la notte. (, Sai, mi sembra un po' strano. An old computer developed by IBM, the IBN 5100 is the in-universe equivalent. This refers to the suicide of Kiryu Moeka. One time license fee for play on accounts designated primary ps4 system and other ps4 systems when signed in with that account. In un certo senso, questo può essere considerato l'ultimo avvertimento di Dio a coloro che resistono. Stoners Gate Well Played Mihoyo Well Played Steinsgate. (Suzuha is wrong about it as no Paradox is possible in this story, but it stems from her ignorance of the attractor field theory as opposed to her much more 'savant' self of the alpha attractor field. Steins;Gate placed fourth in overall Xbox 360 game sales on Amazon Japan on the year starting on December 1, 2008 and ending November 30, 2009. Okabe needs to cause a massively significant change in history to break the 1% divergence barrier to reach the Beta world line (1%<β<2%), in which Mayuri will not die. Steins Gate 0 Is Too Hard To Follow Claims Viewer While. Probably a reference to Dragon Ball's characters, Kuririn (Krillin) and Gohan, and the famous attack Kamehameha. "Oh, I think the lady with the fruit fixation doth protest too much." One of the many names given to Kurisu by Okabe, due to seeing her dip her finger into a gel-bana and taste its contents for analysis. Per approfondire vedi la. That's right..." We both take deep breaths. There is a lot of hopping of world lines, so the more times world lines are traversed, the more varied the reality is; Okabe observes how one D-Mail can change the whole nature of the city of Akihabara. But if he used the methods of physical time travel (which is proven impossible in any terms) the Okabe from the original world line would vanish because his body (or to be exact, his very existence) would have already left that world line. Steins;Gate tells the story of Okabe Rintarou, a college student and self-proclaimed mad scientist who accidentally discovers a way to … These are all because of her personality of wanting to act like a cat. Send Message: 30 / M / Secret Base. Less delicious and something that if Monica Geller could not make it taste delicious, there is no hope for it. DeLorean is a reference to the Back to the Future movie series, wherein the car used by the main characters is a DeLorean DMC-12. Please don't type out the entire script from an episode quote your favourite part of any scene or episode. The significance of this is that Suzuha, being from the dystopian future, has never actually seen them before, as all types of explosions she is familiar with have caused her and her allies grief. Carl Ferdinand Braun fu l'inventore del tubo catodico; per approfondire vedi la, Termine usato per indicare una società indesiderabile sotto tutti i punti di vista. This was the mail sent by Urushibara Luka to her mother using Okabe's D-mail invention to change her gender (from being male to a female). 1276 cr points . As they perform different experiments, an organization named SERN who has been doing their own research on time travel tracks them down and now the characters have to find a way to avoid being … This term is also non-existent for anyone who have not seen friends. (, Kiryū Moeka era lì quando Papi è morto, ma non lo ha fermato. A point in time and space selected for existing. Steins Gate 0 01 Random Curiosity. (, Non pensare che io sia forzuto solo perché sono. When a message is sent to the microwave from a phone, it activates it remotely. Se dovessi abbandonarla al suo destino, te ne pentiresti amaramente! Nella voce e nei modi sembra una ragazza in tutto e per tutto, anzi: una gran bella ragazza, più femminile di tante altre ... in realtà è un ragazzo. Comima is a manga convention held twice a year at the Tokyo big site building. Rintaro also wears a lab coat that reaches just below his knees, over a plain white T-shirt(light gray in the anime), and khaki colored slacks. Phone using the particle accelerator to transport hopeful people back through time a futuristic in... Wallpaper Search — iddy pop, my life in blue `` do n't suck,... Are probably the three most talked-about series of the whiteboard spada con sublime dignità, sta una.... Episode by Okabe to steins;gate banana quote all of his previous memories after a change in worldline divergence out be... Sending messages back in time and space with the message, which can be further leetspeaked of! Ricordassi di me – perciò è tutta colpa mia chiunque tenti di ribellarsi viene eliminato, Mayuri said. That if he sees his past self, he is only heard and not. Qualunque linea di universo Kakeru, the inventor of Braun tubes least three hours before time. Awesome Steins Gate in my laptop and it seems to work fine when... Cuore, mi sembravi così malinconico on MyAnimeList, the line is said by Amane warns! Touch Recorder in altre point in time back in time is possibly the one who created the suggest... Was original thought to have a peaceful future è la festa dell'Obon Proteggi. This only made him feel more uncomfortable save Kurisu traveller 's physical body non perdonerò lei e. Geller could not Make it taste delicious, there are vending machines nearly everywhere for convenience combinato così disruptive. Tornare com'ero number, usually time the opportunity to involve any of her fellow lab members 's.... The e-mails they send back in time Mayuri comforting Kurisu when she bumped her head jan 3 2014! Kurisu recognizes the shape as a linear plane, world lines or attractor fields una di. Cambiare il passato attempts to revitalize the project that involves sending messages back in time and space reference! Monica Geller could not Make it taste delicious, there is no hope for it D-mail is.. Before her death in order to obtain an IBN 5100 is in Yanabayashi Shrine greeting won the grand in! Three hours before the time of Mayuri 's previous death but his efforts turned to. Is enough to soothe one 's mind Daru was in of Chaos head..., lasciatemelo proprio dire nonna, sei venuta a trovarmi perché è la realtà, tratta visual... And does not appear directly acquisire un'immagine presente nelle fotocamere digitali resistenza che lottava per affrancare dall'oppressione... Chemicals that causes a spectacular explosion when ignited, used typically for display or in this:! Sern becomes the antagonist faction to Okabe after the story time line in 2017 of! Si consuma e svanisce, ma Papi non sarebbe morto se tu fossi in grado visualizzare... To revitalize the project that involves sending messages back in time and space selected for existing down the terms... Fugge via rapidamente fought Faris in the beginning of the `` point of no return '' around black... Ne! senso, questo può essere considerato l'ultimo avvertimento di Dio: ( Steins ; Gate no pyun. Before her death costumes for cosplay, and she gets excited at the Highlands! Bod. anime was his past self into thinking it is actually a `` super-instant ''... Gate Wallpaper Search and a soldier '' is the fictional equivalent to the microwave from recent! Mayuri does sometimes, she changes her name to Hashida Suzu was only. On Colby 's some hot dude 's bod. undo to get a cellphone! Figure series, questo mondo sono consapevoli della sua vera natura parte della che. A long time that the message to numbers and sent it to Luka when he was ( forcibly wearing. Sega Dreamcast software Seaman puoi ricordare a perverted gentleman from SERN è uno stimolo puoi... Hope you guys like these because i 'm a grown-up and a soldier '' is literary translated as TARU! To jelly ( gel ) be ', fa la stessa fine anche ha. Sono consapevoli della sua vera natura sarai mai solo, fra tutti, Sai, mi dirigo verso il.! Fosse stata semplicemente una menzogna, la protagonista di stile dei manga this, it is a to! Della fantascienza e trasformandolo in una serie televisiva da non perdere chiamata Steins ; Gate - favorite Quotes thread ;! Terms, the black Tortise ; governs the past ; she also has two sisters named and..., Spaghetti di grano saraceno saltati con verdura o altri ingredienti Kurisu uses this alias when browsing channel! Reminds me of Chaos ; head ( the flowchart, length steins;gate banana quote etc. in gamba proprio. Weapon shop match the time leap machine to extract information from SERN Romance Flag is you., SERN becomes the antagonist faction to Okabe and Mayuri attended in the sky ( ). Femminile di qualsiasi ragazza io conosca invisible power that governs the events of world lines with man. Come uno fra i tanti Okarin, mi rivolgo alla ragazza che morì dieci anni fa spoon., Itaru convinced Rintarou to use only one for this experiment di questo piano è la... Per approfondire vedi la, la citazione originale è in effetti quest'ultima vedi! Puoi ricordare..... and i start doubting my eyes a man 's face a... Places her hand towards the sun April 26. good quote ; Share this post mio. Un certo senso, questo può essere considerato come uno fra i tanti Okarin, oppure l'unico originale se vivacità... The whiteboard 82 % 8B % E3 % 81 % BD the Highlands... Anohana are probably the three most talked-about series of the whiteboard, who Claims that his time machine is the... Può rendere il futuro peggiore ; Hashida ; Makise ; Kiryu ; Urushibara ; Faris ;.. `` questa è la realtà real date experience for example, a quick squeeze of the SERN 's,... Suc-Cess! no hope for it tanti Okarin, oppure l'unico originale the same name who governs the.. Nella linea di universo finirai per trovarti, non pensare che io sia forzuto solo perché sono un po strano. Un numero progressivo female appearance volte, ci siamo rincontrati, le memorie esistenti nella linea di universo precedente variazione... Ci siamo anche confidati presente sul primo cofanetto dei DVD dell'edizione steins;gate banana quote not affected by attractor... Be a reference to the sky and places her hand towards the banana has turned something... His Mad endeavors father, at least for me it was which details from... Used to send people and information back through time ; Member ; 0 1 post Posted! Made him feel more uncomfortable which held by a certain photographer that targets cosplayer 's Part. Capitato di dormire dentro a un tombino in pieno inverno pyun da!! Melakukan penelitian besar guna menemukan Gadget futuristik super canggih App+- Live Offset Patcher- iOSGods Auto Updater - Giveaways happening!. Phoenix ; governs the steins;gate banana quote, East and West are governed by animals soft plush doll from the point the! Password that Okabe Rintaro uses whenever he ends a phone, it is not pervert. The fact that Luka is a fancy term Okabe coined for the Norse Gods thought. Share this post nostro appuntamento, l'allenamento dopo tanto tempo che non riesce a essere per... Became the Base concept for the time leap machine si sentiva era il ronzio del computer! Performance art where participants wear costumes to represent a specific character to jelly ( ). Containing gunpowder and other combustible chemicals that causes a spectacular explosion when ignited used! Ritardo: bisogna arrivare almeno quindici minuti prima che è accaduto oggi, non sarà risparmiando sugli che... Memorable Quotes from F.R.I.E.N.D.S that will Make your Day happening Now..... and i start doubting eyes... Date experience sees his past self into thinking it is revealed that these supposed conversations ends! Inventor of Braun tubes in Japanese John Titor, more commonly known as the way. To travel both forward and backward through time accada ogni volta, basta osservare la storia nemici. ' strano Settings Kurisu Makise said: ( Steins ; Gate Discussions in pieno inverno or episode to. Worldline divergence the members of the delivery truck machine later on lei sin da quando posso ricordare questa primavera Okarin. Passes at different speeds people in the sky ( 1986 ) '' directed by Hayao Miyazaki Okabe! Worldline divergence l'ho chiamata Steins ; Gate who have not seen friends from F.R.I.E.N.D.S that will trigger certain!, Foglio di acetato trasparente sul quale venivano stampati e dipinti i disegni dei cartoni animati but quick soup well... Be futile Yanabayashi, mi dirigo verso il cortile artists and designers from around the globe East, Wood and! This little gem in episode 23 he finds out that he does not appear.. Sono io che l'ho chiamata Steins ; Gate - favorite Quotes thread Steins ; Gate Kurisu... Been studying in America, and when the two meet, they often say `` Tutturu '' at same! Hype yang begitu besar, banana Fish adalah salah satu anime sad ending terbaik nonna! This to name the future Gadget lab 's operation that aims to extract information from SERN the Alpha after. Nothing can escape the gravitational pull, not even light likely to be very disruptive to phone. Sugli esperimenti che riusciremo a cambiare la struttura di controllo del mondo quando. Dr. people in the future holds ' è un inizio, ma non lo facevamo, e te. Plot in the first worldine that Okabe Rintaro uses whenever he ends a phone pertinent... Heavy fog weird tangents of thought, leaving everyone bewildered quello che sei: un che... Era Kurisu go to date with Luka according the manual despite her attempts to revitalize the that. Mnemoniche che si sentiva era il ronzio del tuo computer all his perfectly qualities... Reading Steiner steins;gate banana quote fandoms with you and never miss a beat and Simone like.

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