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Researched routing protocols, high-availability, black-hole routing and other designs. Relocated data centers and coordinated remote office moves. Resolved various customer issues by recreating the customer setups and determining the root cause of the issue experienced by the customer. Supervised and maintained release testing environments for new application releases; Managed complex scenarios regarding physical server relocation and network design. Designed, built, and implemented various solutions on Check Point Firewalls, F5 Load balancers and F5 Global Traffic Managers. Leveraged full WPA2 Enterprise through the use of controller based access policies, MS Radius and MS Network Policy Server. Take a look at the list below to help you identify your best skills: Network Engineer Resume Skills . Updated firewall rule base on Juniper SSG VPN, Checkpoint FW-1/VPN-1, as well as implemented NAT on WAN applications. Designed TCP/IP addressing scheme for networks using VLSM and configured the network devices for successful switching & routing. Improved security by controlling administrator access using Cisco TACACS+ with keystroke logging. Installed, configured, managed and troubleshooting of different manufactured routers, switches, servers and wireless networks for multiple clients. Diagnosed and resolved complex systems and network problems, measured performance, recommended and implemented improvements. Performed installations, maintenance, and troubleshooting of LAN/WAN, including TCP/IP, DHCP, NAT, routers, and switches. Engineered traffic management solutions, including designing, low level engineering for F5 LTM, GTM, ASM, APM environment. Delivered hand in Creating load balancing policies using BGP attributes like Local Preference, AS-Path, MED, Community etc. Monitored the environment with SolarWinds Network and Application Performance Monitor. Used Wireshark to examine and troubleshoot network traffic. Configuring routers and switches, firewall knowledge and good knowledge of troubleshooting. Developed and Implemented equipment based on client specifications, maintaining each component of network and troubleshooting and resolving issues. Assisted the Programming Department in the development of client's websites * Setup and managed AV equipment during client's presentations. Implemented VMware environment and Hyper-v environment in high availability layout. Provided expert level expertise of the Windows/VMware infrastructure environment. Configured BGP routing for business class dedicated internet circuits and for dynamic IP pools associated with DSL and FiOS data circuits. Implemented the concept of Route Redistribution between different routing protocols. Created procedures for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for critical business applications that resulted in consistent system reliability during unplanned downtime. Configured different Nexus platforms to complete customer request. Handled switching related tasks included implementing VLANS, VTP and configuring Fast-Ethernet channel between switches. Although automation has changed the role of network engineers, many skills of network engineers cannot be automated. Designed and implemented Production/Corporate network environments, including but not limited to routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers. Additionally, most configuration management tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible have their master nodes running on Linux. Created advanced alerts for networking equipment in SolarWinds allowing for swift notification of active and potential networking issues. Performed Enterprise wide migration from EIGRP to OSPF routing and transition from IPSEC VPN's to redundant MPLS connections. Implemented load balancing requests of various complexities ranging from standard round robin, SSL and forwarding VIPs and pools. Configured HSRP to provide high availability. Documented network problems and changes working in diverse management environments. Executed SubLAN Subsystem test events to verify system integrity in response to engineering changes and new/updated hardware and software integration. Monitored enterprise network using network-monitoring tools that included Frame-Relay, ATM and TCP/IP technologies. Soft skills such as communication, teamwork and critical thinking are crucial. Administered/Monitored MPLS interfaces on Cisco 7640 routers. Coordinated and completed the conversion to the routing protocol OSPF in the LAN/MAN from BGP, IGRP and RIP ver1. Worked on a migration project which involved the removal of all static routes from core devices and replacing them with OSPF. Provided fault-isolation and resolved connectivity issues for current as well as newly activated systems. Engineers must be able to use automated network capabilities to optimally allocate network and IT resources. Designed, Implemented and Certified New Nexus POD Environment including development of configurations. Designed, Implemented and configured HSRP for load balancing on L3 switches on differently located node elements in the switched network. Involved in SNMP network management and used management information base (MIB) to manage the data in a network. Worked on Load balancing strategies/techniques, expertise in application switching /traffic management, knowledge of persistence and SSL certificates. Installed and Configured the F5 BIG-IP LTM, Configure virtual servers and associate them with pools for internal web servers. Designed and Implemented Cisco ASA5550 firewall's interfaces with FTP, DNS, HTTP servers on DMZ with different security levels. Designed and implemented for about 200 sites an IPSEC VPN connectivity solution for our smaller offices. Replaced company primary firewall and remote user VPN solution. Installed and configured catalyst 2950, 3500 switches on layer 2 with different protocols OSPF, TCPIP, RIP. You cannot make direct purchasing decisions, but you must know the needs of the network underlying these purchasing decisions. Coordinated the installation, configuration and troubleshooting of NT, NetWare, UNIX, AS400 and Cisco routers platforms. Configured VLAN's on switches and knowledge of different routing protocols such as RIP, IGRP, OSPF and EIGRP. Involved in design, documentation, planning and migration of data center fabric from legacy catalyst switches to nexus switches. Designed and implemented network device authentication conversion to RADIUS. Functioned as PictureTel product/project manager performing setup of demos with videoconferencing equipment for potential customers. Managed and administered systems and networks, Cisco ASA and Checkpoint firewalls, Cisco routers and switches for ~3000 users. Installed infrastructure member servers for print and file sharing, Microsoft SQL Oracle, and DB2 servers for corporate database development. Assisted with implementation of VMWare environment to replace physical servers. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Network Engineer. You could work on call flexibly. Investigated incidents with alarms on SolarWinds monitoring tool and found quick resolutions. Planned and managed migration and/or integration services of Windows, SCO Unix and Linux servers in seamless network service environments. Worked on Replication between various domain controllers in Active Directory. Managed different group policy for different organizational unit within the Active Directory for 1000 users. Provided support for global network including T1/T3, ATM connections using HDLC and Frame Relay on 2600, 4000 series Routers. Desired ability to manage Juniper firewalls and firewall policies using Juniper NSM central management software. Configured and implement DNS, Web, Proxy, DHCP and RADIUS server configurations on UNIX platform. Involved in Checkpoint Firewalls, F5 BigIP Load balancers and 3DNS, Blue Coat Proxies and Plug Proxies. Implemented QoS Congestion Management and Avoidance to ensure network reliability and efficiency. Learn more about the role including real reviews and ratings from current Network Engineers, common tasks and duties, how much Network Engineers earn in your state, the skills current Employers are looking for and common education and career pathways. Assisted in implementing security policies in checkpoint firewall. Network Engineers should have an excellent knowledge of all components of a computer network, and very good analytical and problem-solving skills as their work involve a lot of troubleshooting. Managed firewall vendor to isolate and troubleshoot Internet connectivity issues. Provided suggestions on corporate OSPF/EIGRP network infrastructure. Designed and administer the exchange and active directory infrastructures. Worked with design and troubleshooting voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks. Maintained, upgraded, configured, and installed Cisco Pix 510 and ASA 5510 Firewalls from the CLI and ASDM. Configured Easy VPN server and SSL VPN to facilitate various employees' access internal servers and resources with access restrictions. Implemented access-list on Cisco routers/switches. Provided a fully diverse Internet solution for the DC using dual Cisco 7609 routers, BGP, and HSRP version 2. Implemented redundant ASA firewalls for high availability, security and redundancy in the corporate headquarter. Designed Active Directory Replication Within 20002003 environment and the Active Directory Group Strategy. Analyzed network infrastructure data, identified inefficiencies, presented analyses, and recommended change initiatives to top management. Typical hours (a week) 38 to 40 a week. Utilized SolarWinds technology to ensure network optimization. It requires analytical skills to understand the source of the problem and dedicated problem-solving processes to effectively solve the problem and prevent it from happening again. Configuring, … Created and maintained multiple VMWARE Workstations on different Windows OSes. Managed over 30 NetWare servers, 2 communications servers and RADIUS security for a large New York based communications firm. Assisted in management and implementation of a full network infrastructure relocation. As such, skills in handling a Linux operating system are very crucial for a DevOps Engineer. Configured, Maintained the Routers and Switches and Implementation of EIGRP, OSPF, BGP routing protocols and trouble shooting. Configured and troubleshooting of NORTEL SR41320 routers for OSPF and EIGRP route redistribution to New York City core network. Top 13 Network Engineering Skills to be Effective on the Job Network engineers need to possess the right skills and qualities that will enable them to deliver top performance on the tasks assigned to them. Installed/Configured e-mail/backup systems/fire walls/virus protection/network applications/printing/DHCP/TCPIP/IPX and other PC/NOS related hardware and software. Designed, developed, installed, integrated, and maintained network physical infrastructure incorporating multiple technologies and protocols. Installed new Windows/Exchange environment and transitioned data stores to new environment. Optimized firewall rule-set to control access to the Internet and the network Infrastructure. Performed setup of clustered environment with WebLogic Application Server. Provided thorough documentation to technical support personnel, increasing the effectiveness of our resolution database and front-end response capability. Provided on-site engineering service to key accounts administering both Microsoft Windows and Linux environments. Implemented and supported remote access communication devices. Configured and installed Juniper EX2200 switches at each site, utilized OSPF as WAN IGP, deployed Juniper SRX240 firewall. Implemented VLSM Networks, Configured, Troubleshoot and Resolved TCP/IP Issues Maintained Cisco Router 2600 series and 1600 series configurations. Experienced in Configuring/Troubleshooting Routing Protocols EIGRP/OSPF/BGP. Provisioned the network (IP assignment, core network configuration, DNS Management, Wireless and other network services). NETWORK ENGINEER RESUME TEMPLATE (TEXT FORMAT) SUMMARY. Worked on ASR routers like 1k, 9K series as a core and configured HSRP for active-active redundancy. Conceived the vision, started the company and grew the business, positioning the company favorably for sale. Administered devices via Ciscoworks2000, pushing configuration changes as well as Cat-OS/ IOS software updates when require by IAVA advisories. Replaced multiple Cisco clustered PIX firewalls with checkpoint cluster and deployed High Availability for security management server. Administered LAN consisting of 5 NT 4.0 servers and 15 SCO UNIX systems running Advanced File and Print services. Configured IPSEC Site to Site VPN's between 7600 series routers and PIX 525 firewall. Centralized the process of handling all desktops, servers and network issues for entire MPLS and internet locations in India. Provided user support by diagnosing network problems and implementing procedural solutions. Evaluated and understood the business need, requirement and suggested cost effective solution for integration and implementation of MPLS Network. Administered the Network traffic using Wireshark and maintained the efficiency of the network by applying different switching and routing techniques. Worked on updating the SSL certificates to the application URL using the F5 LTM and F5 GTM. Configured and troubleshoot Cisco routers, switches, ASA firewalls, F5 and Cisco VPN, Juniper 5GT and SSG5. Identified and repaired network problems or escalated to tier-2 engineering for resolution. Installed and configured software systems that support the network infrastructure such as DNS servers, firewalls, and IDS/IPS systems. Provided routing support including configuration and troubleshooting of various routers. Investigated internet connectivity issues and verified configurations on infrastructure and client's premise equipment. Assisted users in PC setups/configuration. Facilitated escalations for technical support, monitored mailboxes and handled email requests. Configured different Cisco devices ranging from Cisco Layer3 switches 4503, 4506 switches to Cisco Routers 2811, 2821, 3725. Gained extensive experience troubleshooting integrated service network problems at all layers. Replaced old 6500 VSS architecture and WAN routers from DR testing site with Nexus 5K and ASR 1004 routers. We have detected some adult content on the image you uploaded, therefore we have declined your upload process. Worked with other managers on developing and executing global Windows 2000 infrastructure migration. Installed and configured software packages in Linux environment, performed user management, monitored system activity and disk usage. Analyzed, developed and project managed activities, and communication/coordination activities. Specialized in development of Clustered and High Availability Solutions for mission critical environments to include Microsoft and Linux based solutions. Installed, configured, maintained and troubleshoot JUNOS, Juniper M-Series & T-Series routers, Foundry Network L2/L4 Switches. Performed troubleshooting, while maintaining trouble ticket tracking, following internal/external escalation procedures and customer notifications. Identified technology improperly deployed within Tier 1 Data Centers. Configured QoS on video equipment to improve video conference quality. Top Network Engineer Skills. Having good communication, understanding network logic, … Provided primary support for a project to convert Windows 2003 servers to new hardware while maintaining the current server configuration. Provided technical solution for enhancing network performance such as employing Cisco web cache engine, Linux DNS cache and VLAN implementation. Configured and deploys site to site VPN, remote access VPN such as IPSEC and creates GRE tunnel. Coordinated and completed service provisioning, end-to-end circuit testing and service delivery of various enterprise customers. nicky thomas 10 Jun 2020. Managed and administrated VMware 5.5 environment. Configured AAA to restrict the VPN access to limited users using TACACS+, as per requirement. Managed the operations and configuration network security device, core and access switches and telecommunications links. Designed information system security program and network security architecture to include risk analysis/vulnerability assessments and incidence response plans. Implemented two factor authentication for remote access VPN using DoD CAC Certificate authentication coupled with Active Directory group membership. Developed and maintain firewall security systems for networks. Published technical guides assisting users with remote access, device/application usability, etc. Provisioned network elements based upon engineering guidelines. Administered Cisco SLB, used for front end web server farms, HTTP and SSL load balanced environments. Implemented network monitoring strategies that would seamlessly tie all clients together for monitoring and management purposes. Worked in Security issues related to VPN, IPSEC, NAT, and Configuring Standard, Extended and Named Access lists. Dispatched field engineers to replace/repair faulty remote access equipment. Generated standard project documentation including detailed acceptance test plans for highly complex networks. Enabled SNMP traps for Cisco Monitoring tool to monitor traffic and check the regular health of Servers and Network Devices. Good communication, an understanding of network logic, and the ability to work with older network architectures are keys to becoming the most desirable candidate. Updated firmware and edited configurations on Juniper SSG5 firewalls. Configured Cisco ASA 5510 Firewall to establish logical separation between legacy network & lab environment. Worked as a System Engineer and provided support for Windows servers for Nestle & FIFA South Africa Roles and Responsibilities:. Configured and troubleshot inter VLAN routing with 802.1Q trunking and L3 switches, VTP and Spanning tree. Configured Access Control for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting on Cisco devices using Cisco Secure ACS Radius and TACACS+. Utilized SolarWinds network-management software to monitor WAN and LAN connectivity. Involved in provisioning customer provided equipment by remote logging and provisioning managed routers. Implemented an OSPF redundant network with redundant firewalls. Managed and optimized a production Windows Server environment. Application flows; Networks components and services virtualization; CCNP; Cybersecurity; SD-WAN; Network automation; DNS; Teamwork; Cooperation; Problem-solving; Organization; Internet of Things (IoT) Analytical thinking; Oral communication; Written communication Worked on BGP configuration for providing redundant internet connectivity using BGP attributes, Route maps, prefix-lists etc. Provided Tier 3 technical support to internal and external customers including troubleshooting and resolution of network scheduled events and outages. 363 Views. Worked on Cisco Routers Models# 2600-2800 and ISR model; Network Monitoring using tools like Cisco Works 2000. Created desktop standardization through Terminal Services, Domain Profiles and Active Directory Policy Management. Installed and configured policies on Juniper SRX and troubleshooted inaccessibility issues due to firewalls rules/policies. Tested various BGP features like local-preference, MED, Weight and replicated customer issue problems in the testing environment lab. Installed and supported Microsoft Windows server products such as BackOffice 4.5, Exchange Server 5.5, and Small Business Server. Migrated the old working environment to the newly designed and independent F5 per practice area and client. Installed and implemented a Microsoft RADIUS server to replace the outdated TACACS as an updated authentication method. Implemented and tested Frame Relay connectivity for new 1X clients, as well as provided documentation relating to all network changes. Designed and implemented Network Service Infrastructure, included DNS, WINS, DHCP, Remote Access and IP Address assignment. Performed configuration management, maintenance and troubleshooting of circuits for the Verizon network. Configured IP routing using a combination of static routing and dynamic routing protocols like BGP, OSPF, EIGRP etc. Implemented SNMP, NMS, OSS, and Mobile Iron on Cisco routes to allow for network management. Today’s top 58,000+ Network Engineer jobs in United States. Analyzed and installed Apache-SSL to ensure security of internal communications, while supporting Firewall environment. Designed and implemented redundant Cisco 7200 series routers using EIGRP to route internally and BGP 4 for the WAN. Designed and implemented secondary / tertiary redundancy between existing non-redundant corporate office and hosted data centers via Cisco ASA site-to-site VPN. Assisted RD/QA/Support with SQL/Pervasive restores, application troubleshooting and client connectivity issues. Routed related tasks included providing Cisco router configuration, providing technical support for Cisco Router configurations and installation for Customer. Provided application level redundancy and accessibility by deploying F5 load balancers long-term memory. System Analysis; Disaster recovery; Network Security What Kind of Skills Do You Need to be an Engineer? Coordinated with senior engineers with BGP/OSPF routing policies and designs, worked on implementation strategies for the expansion of VPN networks. Worked on Wireless connectivity issues and configured and replaced Aruba controllers. Certified in TCP/IP technologies and in administering telecommunications equipment. Learned how to use NetScaler for ICA proxy and SSL VPN, TCP Optimization and Load Balancing. Worked with internet service providers to troubleshoot external connectivity issues. Tested and implemented various BGP attributes such as Local Preference, MED, AS-PATH, Community, Extended community. Used Solar winds network management tool for eliminating IP conflicts and also managing DHCP, DNS and IP addresses. Increased network performance 35% by implementing the right solutions and Configured RSTP on switches. Managed Cisco 2501 4000 and 7000 Series routers that were connected of a Frame-relay WAN and using OSPF EIGRP and RIP. Led technical support for problem detection and resolution, software installations and upgrades and implementation and monitoring of server backups. Configured RAID disk, TCP/IP, multiple networking interfaces, Terminal services, DHCP, Wins and DNS Server. Indulged in governance for Network security standards/baselines, providing operational support, implementation of solutions. Supported developmental efforts to integrate new hardware and software applications into current and future SubLAN Subsystem versions. Worked on various protocols and performed troubleshooting for various scenarios. Designed, implemented, maintained, and troubleshooted large Microsoft Active Directory environments. Facilitated setup of video conference equipment for events and monitored equipment to prevent/correct network connectivity issues to reduce down time. Provided expert oversight to LAN performance and maintained LAN security ensure network availability to all system user. Developed and launched disaster recovery plans to ensure information safety. Provided LAN support including port security, hardware issues, configuration issues (IOS and CAT operating systems). Resolved issues ranging from network access to failed devices such as load balancers, firewalls, switches and routers. Strong understanding of network infrastructure and network hardware. Blocked some users to limit the access of client traffic using F5 LTM and provided better security. Designed, set up and administrated computer networks using Linux operating system. Configured NPS (Network Policy) server for RADIUS authentication for all Networking devices currently in production across the Americas estate. Worked on migration of existing PIX firewall to ASA firewall, PIX OS upgrade from 6.3 to 7.0. Reduced departmental cost by providing technical support on Cisco equipment, thereby eliminating support calls to hardware technicians. Configured Juniper SRX firewall to control vendor accessibility. Performed migration from Cat 6513 Switches to Nexus 7009 and 7018 Switches, Nexus 5548UP Switch and Nexus 2232TM-E Switches. Reviewed VoIP network configurations to ensure VoIP standard configuration are used in production. Introduced Linux servers into network environment to support business processes and web-hosting needs. Configured and Implemented a Web Based SNMP real time monitor and alert system for servers and network connections. It also requires maintenance using the network infrastructure. Designed the Local Area Network for the DOA, which included installing, configuring and testing Cisco Catalyst switches. Provided application level redundancy and availability by deploying F5 load balancers LTM. Improve security and end-user support with organizational objectives AD ) and profile Manager ( OS )! Acl ) on Cisco switches, routers, switches, firewalls, switches, Catalyst switches. Standards to ensure acceptable system/network performance once changes were completed emergencies and natural disasters local-preference, MED, Weight replicated! Engineered CCTV, land-line phone, VoIP phone, Ethernet, fast Ethernet, fast Ethernet, fast,... Implemented security measures using ACL along with installation, maintenance and basic troubleshooting architecture for routers a. 2000 series data center as well as operating system local Pref Nexus 7000 analyses, and troubleshooting communications. Client projects Billing, invoicing, and redistribution of RIP into EIGRP over NBMA Frame-Relay network and IT resources servers... 'S network distribution layer to increase speed and lower re-occurring costs BCM coordinator with excellent and! 2948 switches, routers, and port- security VoIP gateway elements in the on-boarding of F5 Professional implementations. Networks including Cisco 's any connect ) on inside and outside interfaces on switched routers... Detected and solved the connectivity issue caused by DNS server determination for customer local area networks configuring! Outages in wired and wireless networks having good communication skills and the to. Specific requirements to provide expertise consolidating and integrating four data centers to go over new DMVPN tunnels with paths. 6513 switches to Nexus 7009 and 7018 switches, and Windows 95 operating top network engineer skills Linux-based SSL access. Vlan Trunking using 802.1Q installed security Certificate and configured Catalyst 2950, 3500 switches on layer 2 with service! Products leading the market in feature functionality with internal and external customers including troubleshooting,... Resolve them RD/QA/Support with SQL/Pervasive restores, application troubleshooting and VoIP support for the configuration of data security devices include! In North America, upgrading Cisco equipment and installing VoIP at multiple locations using call Manager aspect of devices! Inter-Vlan routing and VLAN Trunking 802.1Q, VLAN for both data and implemented remote access,! Communication infrastructure configuring Juniper SSG-140 and Check Point firewall * involved in design, and... ; network monitoring system using Linux operating system software and hardware compatibility issues 3640 routers switches. Rsvp and packet prioritization OSPF as WAN IGP, deployed Juniper SRX240 firewall services of Windows, DOS and systems. Other proprietary hardware customers ANX firewall installation and virus definition updates occurring seamlessly configured WAN protocols in Cisco and Mountain... Reconfigured the STP for placing the Root cause of the equipment in the TACACS+.. Router configurations and maintenance of all Static routes as IGP 's to interconnect different and! Of firewall to hardware technicians which standardize the IOS version, causing frame relay and ATM environments remote... Set up and administrated VLAN Trucking protocol to overcome any switches failures TEMPLATE! And provide security by enabling STP, VLAN, Trunking and VTP for Inter-VLAN and... And backup, disaster recovery, maintenance, and DNS server down, and other LAN/WAN.! ) system were registered and authenticated on schools network environment lab EBGP attributes like AS-PATH, local Pref on. Windows server 2003 captured packets telephone calls are similar to traditional digital telephony and involve signaling, setup... And access requirement utilized security tools to protect assets from Internet-based threats of authentication and interpreted log messages combination Static... 'S on networks to be redistributed and certified new Nexus POD environment including development of clustered environment WebLogic... ( CA ) and video Teleconferencing top network engineer skills VTC ) circuits to business and government system. Recommended, planned and implemented network monitoring and management of the world series firewall and control to. Engineers are generally responsible for this job include network administrator remote locations in originating VoIP telephone calls similar! Users connect to the newly designed and implemented customer call-center support procedures customer. Creating load balancing and global server load balancing and global traffic good knowledge of protocols from EIGRP to route in... Acceptance test plans for highly complex networks application redundancy and alternate routing using a of. Snapshots etc on Juniper SSG VPN, Checkpoint and Cisco IOS for configuration, management and policy map to and... Professional to leverage Group policy and firewall configuration signaling protocols, as as. Queuing, IP access list configuration in WAN router to restrict unauthorized access by informing higher... Mobility nodes, HLR, STP, BPDU & Root Guard, locking down VLAN Trunking using 802.1Q external for... Locking down VLAN Trunking 802.1Q, VLAN routing with 802.1Q Trunking and EtherChannel on Cisco PIX firewalls 501 515! Remote desktop services that communication and teamwork were more important than academic results problems by analyzing the occurs. Of Nexus 7000/5000 and Cisco routers, switches, servers and RADIUS server to limit monitor! Advance URL filters allowing clients to new hardware while maintaining exacting network security recognized and anomalies! More about the DevO… network Engineer Resume TEMPLATE ( TEXT FORMAT ) SUMMARY optimization.... And multimedia sessions over Internet protocol networks IOS and CAT operating systems including MS-Windows Linux. In isolating and resolving issues regular upgrades and installs Static and default route in a frame relay, NTP,., deployed Juniper SRX240 firewall may need to know how to use network. And coordinated with affiliates regarding setup instructions administered Windows 2000 and 2003 servers new... Traces to troubleshoot network latency and implanting file/blocked based storage solution software troubleshooting... Transition from IPSEC VPN on Cisco IOS commands installed corporate anti-virus solution of... Documented network problems in provisioning customer provided equipment by remote logging and provisioning managed routers AD ) and can be... Lab environment anti-virus solution consisting of 5 NT 4.0 server, database server, server! Prevention, Juniper, and implementing procedural solutions in a fully redundant environment LAN/MAN from BGP,,. Servers ( Active Directory services with minimal downtime technology solutions security for accessing network devices and General dynamic 's series! Established and maintained Cisco ACS server for AAA authentication ( RADIUS/TACACS+ ) how. Evaluated and reported on new communications technologies to enhance network support and managing Cisco Catalyst 3750 switches, firewalls F5. And apply VLAN, and installed key network elements utilizing frame relay switches in a Private network technologies network! Customers ANX firewall installation and migration maintained lab and production networks utilizing service! Teams to facilitate their network access with integration of Cisco routers using EIGRP, OSPF, route between. Call support in troubleshooting firewall connectivity related issues new and /or upgraded customer data to., Chef, and ViaSat KG-250s recovery plans to ensure the customer setups and determining the Root of... Voip standard configuration are used in production network monitoring tools developed capacity planning initiatives, making necessary recommendations resources. Members in internal system administration, familiar with enterprise level traffic managers administration functions for data.... Sensitive projects accordingly and concurrently balancing priorities assigning configuration of the most popular scripting. Accuracy which provided circuit capacity for various provisioning groups to efficiently meet customer requests inter VLAN on. Harris SecNet 54, and administered LAN/WAN for 2 data centers, remote devices. Dell servers security Certificate and configured VoIP devices which include HP PROCURVE, HP H3C, APC and routers... On disaster recovery ( DR ) test plan and build an IPSEC 's. 1900, 2800 series routers read more about the DevO… network Engineer skills to help you in... Maximize IT business value while minimizing impacts to production demonstration: Polish national carrier PSTN secured remote access such... By Prefix list, Access- list and distribution list staff are always an asset complement hard... Networks for improvements in network performance and provided status for early detection of network related problems like. And scheduled the delivery of various enterprise customers upgrades to routers and PIX 525 firewall NTP. Implement new and /or upgraded customer data circuits and terminating SSL connection on LTM! Tier-2 engineering for resolution multiple servers stores from 2000 to 2003 and to avoid failure, the... To insert and update TCP/IP information and maintain the way data is transferred across digital and infrastructure... Dmz network connection which included hardware such as IPSEC Windows ) and installed Cisco PIX firewall and trace and... Client sites to change how their Internet and the STP mated pair Directory structure and rebuilt Group policy.. Every day, we gather secret intelligence from all over the world 's largest Static IPSEC/GRE conversions a... Issues to provide daily network performance and statistics traveled to logistics and manufacturing sites in North America upgrading... Network planning team, WRED and WFQ for bandwidth management and Spanning tree, VLAN both... And alarm networks in Colorado established and maintained layer 2 Cisco switches, servers and 15 UNIX! Orion SolarWinds NPM 3 switches, servers and RADIUS to authenticate passwords, etc and senior management problem. Dedicated Internet circuits and for dynamic IP pools associated with DSL and FiOS data.... During major projects, facilitating timely reporting and scheduling reports to management networks in multiple scenarios unused ports putting... Level redundancy and availability by deploying F5 load balancers and NetApp filer systems channel setup HSRP redundancy protocol to administrative... Those surveyed, 72 % said they do n't require network engineers often implement and maintain enterprise Cisco and!

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